Minas Tirith Dailies

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Subject: Minas Tirith Dailies Purpose: Level 100+ Legendary Major and Minor Level-Ups with 5-7 Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment. Where: Minas Tirith Main Gate Requirements: 9 Empty Quest Slots and Friend to Kindred standing with the Defenders of Minas Tirith reputation. Time = 30 Minutes +/- 10 Minutes for the entire 3 quest set.

  Rep Tip: Minas Tirith Rep can be gotten from quests all over the city, out in the Pelennor. Fields, and Ingold at the North Gate for the Talath Anor area.  Start with Bergil outside the Old Guest House in Minas Tirith on the Workers’ Tier 66.3S 17.1W.
       Pre-Quest Tip:  All three of these quest areas have one-time quest sets to complete before you do the daily instances.
  Basics: Each Quest giver sends you to another NPC that gives a set of quests in Harlond, The Northern Rammas, and The Cisterns.  Finish each set, return to the quest giver in Minas Tirith, turn in quests and get tokens for the Builders’, Burgsmen, and Smiths‘ Fellowships.  Barter Builders’ Tokens to Londir for Burgsmen Tokens.  Barter Burgsmen Tokens to Heledon for Smiths’ Tokens.  And Barter Smiths’ Tokens to Narnaith for Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment. (No reputation requirements needed to barter tokens.)
  TOKENS: Builders’ —> Burgsmen’s —> Smiths’ —> Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment.

Friend Standing Token Quests: Harlond & Northern Rammas

  Narnaith: 65.7S 16.9W (Minas Tirith Main Gate) “Assisting the Smiths’ Fellowship.” Forwards to Turgon 72.0S 19.4W (South Gate Pelennor Fields).  Quest Tip: Bosses Nardaga and Krumab wander, so concentrate on burning tents and siege machines.  Don’t forget to finish the Culling the Tide of Orcs/Trolls quests in Harlond before leaving the instance.
  Londir: 65.7S 16.9W (Minas Tirith Main Gate) “Assisting the Builders’ Fellowship.”  Forwards to Ingold 59.4S 17.6W (take the Stable Master from Minas Tirith Main Gate to Old Anorien - North-Gate swift travel.). Quest Tip: Bosses Hurasana and Kaskhar spawn in three different locations in the instance on the wall and down in the camp, so concentrate on picking up hooks and supplies.  Quest Tip: “Culling the Tide of Uruk-hai” is outside the instance in the Pelennor Fields, so finish it last on your way back to Minas Tirith.  Uruk-hai spawn best in the northern quest blob of the three quest bubbles for this quest.  Quest Tip: 3-5 Uruk-hai spawn on a hill and behind a tent near 63.9S 14.3W.

Kindred Standing Token Quest: Cisterns

  Heledon: 65.7S 16.9W (Minas Tirith Main Gate) “Assisting the Burgsmen’s Fellowship.”  Forwards to Rathon 64.7S 19.9W (take the Stable Master from Minas Tirith Main Gate to the Sages’ Tier and ride down the ramp.  Rathon is on the northern end of the Players’ Tier).  Quest Tip: Boss Kamabhosh spawns in three different locations in the Cisterns, so concentrate on picking up rubble, destroying papers, and talking to Withered Tree Members.  Quest Tip: Follow the right wall to complete all quest objectives in sequence.  If the public instance is crowded you may have to backtrack to finish some quest objectives.  Quest Tip: “Breach in the Darkness: The Back Door” can’t be sealed until you collect all 9/9 rubble.  Quest Glitch: “Breach in the Darkness: The Withered Foe” gets a check mark at 9/10 and looks complete, but keep going and talk to the tenth guy to complete it.

NOTES: These are public instances, so you are competing for resources with other players (bosses, items, etc.). When you are done with all the quests in the instance, right click your character portrait and Leave Instance, it will put you outside the instance at the quest NPC. Don’t forget to turn in each quest set to the quest NPC by the instance and then the main quest giver back at the Main Gate in Minas Tirith before starting the next set of quests.

       Super Tips Speed:  In Harlond and the Northern Rammas, once done with the slayer quests, ride a regular steed around to finish burning tents and siege engines and collecting supplies and hooks.  You don’t have to get off your steed to complete these tasks.
       Super Tips Travel:  Barter for Return to After Battle Minas Tirith (Friend Standing) and Return to Minas Tirith (Kindred Standing) at the Quartermaster 65.9S 16.8W near the Stable Master at the Main Gate in Minas Tirith for fast travel to the city.