No Place Like Home

"No Place Like Home" is a social event open to anyone on Brandywine. There will be a Yule themed housing competition, carolling, snowball fights, and other events based on interest. We hope to see you there!

  • When: Jan 5 from 7-10pm EST.
  • Where: Belfalas Homesteads (Address will be updated when the event starts.)

Housing Contest

  • To register your house you will need to send mail to Honaleniel including 10g and your address.
  • Registration closes Jan 5th at 7pm EST.
  • If you have multiple houses, or a neighborhood you would like to enter, we will have a seperate competition for those.
  • All your houses/neighborhood will be treated as one entry, and will be judged as a group.
  • To register for the group contest send mail to Honaleniel containing 10g and a list of all the addresses or neighborhood you are entering.


Mithrandir's Cohorts' band, "The Fools," will be playing throughout the event, and welcome any other bands/musicians to join them. If you extra time for setup/sound check get with Honaleniel and I can get you the address early.