Code of Conduct

1. Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of the kin, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the kin running.

2. Discrimination based on race, age, religion, gender, or sexuality will not be tolerated.

3. Refrain from disrespectful or derogatory language, and political commentary. Our kinship includes players from many cultures, ages, and beliefs. Recognize that your language/statements may make them uncomfortable.

4. Be considerate of other kinnies’ time and personal objectives. While most are willing to help another kinmate in difficulty, constant demands for common tasks (e.g. power-leveling, frequent demands for crafting new equipment) can become a form of harassment.

5. Do not sell goods in kinship chat or offer goods and services in kinship chat for which you will want reimbursement. Do not use the kinship as a means of selling goods and/or services, business networking, or poaching members into another kin.

6. Not everyone will agree with everyone else. Conflict will inevitably arise. Members are expected to try to resolve disagreements with other players civilly, privately and independently. Failing that, try to work around it. Approach an officer for assistance if you have exhausted all other options.

6. Drama will not be tolerated. Disagreements or other behaviours which become disruptive are unacceptable.

7. Do not engage in any activity that will bring the kin's name into disrepute. Behaviours such as spamming, trolling, ninjaing, begging, flaming, or other anti-social actions are not acceptable.

8. Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the kin and raiding is always welcome. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals. All feedback and discussion should respect this Code of Conduct.

9. Kinship rules will inevitably change over time. Members are expected to accept and adhere to new rules. Be mindful that the kin leadership tries to make decisions that are best for the kin as a whole and for the long term, which may not necessarily correspond to the best decision for you personally right now.