Kin Night

  • Tuesday 6-9pm EST we will:
    • Run group content based on turnout.


  • Learn what role your characters typically play in group content, and what stats are most important for you. (I'm working on building a page to help with this, but for now you'll have to do some research on your own. Lotro HQ is a good resource for this.)
  • Use the Stat Calculator to help you learn the areas where your characters need the most work.
  • Progressing through War of Three Peaks will be helpful in aquiring better gear and is necessary to unlock the new raid.

New Recruit?

  • If you have just joined Mithrandir's Cohorts here are some things to help you get started:
    • Make sure you check out our Code of Conduct. Once you have read through and agree to it get with an Officer and they can promote you to Member.
    • Once you are a Member send a Discord message with you character name to b4ref00t(phone)#9441 and I will get you added.

Upcoming Events

  • Yule Social Gathering

    • We will be hosting a server wide social gathering on 1/5 from 7-10pm EST.
    • For more info click here.
    • If you have ideas you would like to see happen, get with Honaleniel (Brian.)
  • Yuletide Festival

  • +25% XP 12/23 - 12/28
  • VIP Event 12/30 - 1/4


  • RALLYHORN - free Rally Horn.
  • Double Bonus Points in LOTRO Store through 1/3.
  • Get 30% off:

    • Milestone Skills.
    • Hurried Traveller and Returning Traveller.
    • Advanced Riding Traits.
    • Rally Horns.
    • Now through 12/31.
  • Yuletide Sales:

    • 35% off Crafting Carry-alls.
    • 50% off Valars.
    • 75% off Far Anorien Pack.
    • Now through 12/31.
  • 50% off:

    • Mordor Ultimate, Collector’s, and Standard editions.
    • Helm’s Deep.
    • Riders of Rohan Base Edition.
    • Rise of Isengard Base Edition.
    • Mines of Moria.
    • Siege of Mirkwood.
    • Quad pack.
    • Click Here for more info.
    • Now through 1/9.

General Info

  • The Release Notes for Update 28.2.1 can be found here.
  • Update 28: War of Three Peaks is now available! Click here to purchase the newest expansion.
  • The new LOTRO Market is being used to offer War of Three Peaks. More information on how it works can be found here.

Upcoming Website Updates

  • Authentication
  • Background
  • Photo Gallery
  • Forums
  • Member Directory
  • Wiki
    • Class Guides
    • LI Guide
    • Reputation Guide
    • Consumables